Our vision: A place where we are nurtured

Our Nursery caters for children from 6 weeks to approximately 2 years. We have intentionally created small group sizes to support the development of strong trusting relationships with each child. We have a maximum of 8 children a day with 3 educators.

In keeping with the MOCCA Philosophy and our vision children are central to all that we do and in order to achieve our vision we know that genuine partnerships with families is critical. Throughout your time in our room we warmly invite you to contribute to our program and share in decision making about your child’s learning, development and wellbeing. In addition, to formal opportunities to meet and discuss your child’s program and progress or any concerns and suggestions you may have we look forward to many informal opportunities on a day-to-day basis.

Peaceful Caregiving

In the Nursery, every interaction we have with children is respectful and meaningful. We keep this in mind throughout the day when we are caregiving for each child. We work with families to ensure that we are working to the children’s routines and responding to each child’s cues. We make sure that throughout caregiving routines, we don’t rush through the experience and always ensure that we ask the children permission and talk through what’s happening. Emmi Pikler has created 7 guided principles to assist in the caregiving for infants and toddlers. Principle no. 4 speaks about how children are seen as active participants in their learning rather than passive recipients. Throughout our day we provide many opportunities for the children to explore their sense of agency.


Building respectful, reciprocal and trusting relationships with children is important at any stage, but are the most important when children are still infants. When we are providing children with nurturing relationships, we are providing children with consistent emotional support which promotes the development of the skills needed to interact positively with others. Within the Nursery, we build strong relationships and attachments with children and their families, giving children a secure base for their learning and exploration.

Belonging and identity

By creating a sense of belonging within children their confidence grows in their learning and exploring. They feel accepted and part of the group and have built strong trust and attachment with educators. Belonging is an integral part of identity. By creating a sense of identity, the children are learning about themselves within the context of their families and communities. In the Nursery, we ensure that all children feel as though they belong through providing pictures of every child within the room and each child has a locker that they don’t share with another child on each day. Identity is shaped by experiences and it is our job to provide experiences that positively shape children’s identity.

Please contact MOCCA for a copy of our information pack. In this package you will find the following information to help support your child’s transition to a new learning and care environment:

  • Team member introductions
  • Our core curriculum and information about our program
  • Rituals and routines
  • A what to bring list and general reminders; and
  • A getting to know me summary form to complete and return.