Educational Program

As a centre team we have consistently worked to improve with joy and professional insight, understandings and learning research, in order to ensure our Curriculum decision-making contributes to each child’s learning and development outcomes in full consideration of their identity, connection with community, wellbeing, and confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators. At the heart of this is knowing our families and allowing them to know us as educators and Professional teachers of young children, this close and sincere relationship forms the foundation for curriculum decisions that help support each child’s learning journey.

Curriculum decision-making maximises each child’s learning and development opportunities. Children investigate and explore ideas, while consistently being empowered to express their thoughts, feelings- allowing children time and space to fully express themselves.

Children are given time for opportunities to contribute to, convey, construct, and articulate their thinking with purpose and confidence both individually and within their group of belonging, at times of gathering, transitioning between areas of play and sharing items of interest between home and centre which fosters a bond of mutual care education and seamless connectivity to community.

At every opportunity ideas from children inform our educational program and are taken into consideration to acknowledge and celebrate what the child knows now (skills and knowledge) and also purposely look for ways to extend their interests and learning.

The documentation about each child’s program and progress is available in an accessible format, displaying a variety of contemporary documentation gathered by all team members who exemplify their passionate desire to work alongside children as shares and givers of information and learners and gleaners themselves (Folders of individual and group Narratives, jottings, conversations, photographs, explanations of events, family input and sharing collaborations) and opportunities are provided for discussion with families at drop off and pick up times and also formally when ever families or centre requests.

Meet and Greet family meetings are held at the beginning of the year to help with the smooth transition of families into the centre and to give further opportunity for families to connect with centre and each other for the purpose of maximising the best opportunities for sharing and planning for earning outcomes for children. Each group ensures that families are informed of events and children’s interests that inform the daily program and routine, these are displayed in each room and communicated to families through a variety of methods- e-mail, face to face contact and hardcopy memos and newsletters.