Our Commitment to Quality

Quality services regularly monitor and review their performance to guide planning and improve service quality. This creates a shared understanding of the principles that guide the service, and encourages continuous improvement in practice, policies and procedures.

Quality services regularly update and maintain their Quality Improvement Plan as a dynamic document to guide progress towards improvement. Quality services use the Quality Improvement Plan for continuous assessment against the National Quality Standard and the approved learning frameworks, to identify new goals for the service as part of an effective cycle of improvement. Incorporating regular self assessment and quality improvement discussions in staff meetings encourages educators to participate in reflection on key practices, such as pedagogy and inclusion, and enables all staff members to provide input into planning for continuous quality improvement.

Establishing and maintaining a culture of ongoing reflection and self-review offers challenge, inspires motivation, and supports positive levels of staff satisfaction. This provides opportunities for all staff to improve their practice and programming, which contributes directly to improved learning outcomes for children. An effective cycle of continuous improvement includes reviewing the:

  • Extent to which the service meets or exceeds the National Quality Standard.
  • Performance of all staff members.
  • How the service and its practices are delivered in accordance with the Early
    Years Learning Framework.
  • Outcomes for children at the service against the learning outcomes in these
  • Feedback and complaints from children and families.

ACECQA – The Guide to the National Quality Standard (2018).

Our self-assessment and review process involves consultation with, and participation from, our Management Committee, the Nominated Supervisor, Pedagogical Leader, educators and teachers, children, families and the community. A copy of our current QIP is available at MOCCA.

If you would like to provide feedback on any aspects of MOCCA please contact Rowena Muir | Nominated Supervisor and Director.

MOCCA holds a Service Approval under the Education and Care Services National Law  and Regulations. Please select the Law or Regulations for further detail.

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